KUBKURORT Investment Projects

From the times of Ancient Greece the Black Sea, so-called Evksinos Pontos, attracts settlers and investigators from different parts of the world. If before people have been arriving here for The Golden  Fleece and beautiful ladies, so now they come for a strict quietness of mountains, high blue of the sky and tender warmness of the sea.  

However, as for beautiful ladies, the region is not deprived nowadays as well.
So, the Black Sea is glad to share with you all its splendid treasures…

Without imaging this beauty in a single point, we offer for your attention all width of the Black Sea coast:

  • Sunny sand of a small bay in Anapa Sail Tower complex in Anapa
  • Contemporaneity blended with mountains in the sea cost Olginka Apfrtaments Resort
  • Secluded quietness of the sea coast in Shepsi Village Resort

The investments in Russia
The investments in Russia
The investments in Russia

Anapa Sail Tower

Olginka Apfrtaments Resort

Shepsi Village Resort