Olginka Apfrtaments Resort

Olginka Apfrtaments Resort

In surrounding of quiet mountains of Small Caucasian mountain ridge, on a high cape coming in the earnest to cozy bay with low surf, there is situated a modern and stylish sea-front apartment, town house & villa complex.

Here beautiful natural landscapes are successfully completed with new architectural decisions and modern designer forms. Indubitable worth seeing point is concerned to be ‘The Sunset Bridge’, stretched out above shadow gorge, and connecting both parts of the complex to single whole.
The complex includes 1, 2, 3 and 4-bedroom apartments, placed in several condominiums (A, B, C). Each of the condominiums has got its unique structure, finishing and design, and all consolidated by the single thing – open wide view of the sea horizon.


The line of Town Houses (D) with 2 or 3 bedrooms going through the whole complex is intended for those who prefer not to perch on too high, but do not want to loose the opportunity to admire the sea view from their balcony.

In case you imagine yourself flying above the see deep, we’re ready to appreciate your dream by providing an unique offer of the single building “growing out of the Rock” in the center of the complex (E). Besides innovative architectural style, each apartment has a window from ceiling to floor that gives you a distinctive view of nothing else, but the Sea.


The lifestyle of your choice
We offer modern and innovation technologies, considered approaches, developed infrastructure and of course, splendid sea view from your windows. You only have to choose the point from which you prefer to admire it.
Total area                    - 70 m2
Master Bedroom         - 25 m2
Quest Bedroom           - 24 m2
Living Room                - 10 m2

We are ready to offer you our way of decorating the apartments or villas;
but – if you wish to create it with us, we are pleased to grand you such opportunity and vary the level of readiness from draft finishing to fair smoothing, accordingly up to your individual project.

Total area - 250 m2
Master Bedroom - 20 m2
Quest Bedroom 1 - 14 m2
Quest Bedroom 2 - 13 m2
Living Room - 50 m2
Kitchen - 13 m2